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Mailbox Installation & Repairs

We Install and repair Mailboxes in Houston, Texas. We have experienced professionals with 40+ years of Experience. Let us quote you out!

Rekeying Cylinders

If you need a Cylinder re-keyed, Give us a call! We can take care of your hardware needs. Depending on what kind of cylinder it is, is how much the cost will be.

Service Work

We do many different types of service work.

  • Install Exit Devices

  • Install/Repair Simplex Levers

  • Re-key Commercial Cylinders

  • Repair Exit Devices



Our goal at C.K.I is to provide members of the multi/single housing industry with total customer satisfaction through:

1. A courteous, responsive and knowledgeable sales staff.
2. Bonded, certified service and shop personnel.
3. Dependable and timely delivery.
4. Full line door and lock hardware inventory.

In 1972 Patrick Collins successfully completed a locksmith course and made a decision that positioned C.K.I. as a major service and supply company in today’s market place. Patrick Collins, sole owner, initially worked out of his garage as “Collins’ Keys & Things.” In the beginning Collins’ Keys & Things targeted the multi-housing industry establishing a niche supplying replacement door locks and focusing on developing a service oriented business attuned to the needs of his clientele. Working with nationally and internationally known suppliers such as WESLOCK, WEISER & NATIONAL CABINET LOCKS, Collins’ Keys developed a supplier base that satisfied the requirements of his customers. The multi-housing industry grew and so did Collins’ Keys. 

In 1980 the business incorporated as Collins’ Keys Inc. and relocated from the garage to a 1,200 sq. ft. warehouse. As the company continued to grow, Pat recognized the need for service oriented personnel alongside trained lock professionals, making C.K.I. the company it is today.

In order to keep up with the developing housing industry, C.K.I. added additional manufacturers that included KWIKSET, FLORENCE MAILBOX, SIMPLEX, HPC and others necessary to complement the demands of the still ever growing market. Thanks to the success of the multi-family industry, C.K.I. purchased a 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse in order to continue to keep up with the needs of his clients. In 1988 the last two remaining giants of the lock industry, SCHLAGE LOCK CO. and MASTER/DEXTER LOCK CO. recognized that C.K.I. was the major distributor for not only the multi-family segment, but commercial and residential sector as well. They selected C.K.I. to handle their product lines thereby securing the availability of major lock and hardware manufacturers for C.K.I.’s customers.

Pat Collins, President of C.K.I. Wholesale Lock Supply Inc., and the key personnel who helped C.K.I. become a multi-million dollar company and still subscribe to a philosophy that includes a personal, yet professional approach to the consumer.

We invite you to EXPERIENCE the C.K.I. difference.



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Main Office

For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call:                                713-462-0704


10020 Sussex Ln 

Houston, TX 77041

Tel: 713-462-0704

Fax: 713-462-7130

Toll: 800-445-5230

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